Standing Order Mandate

Standing Order Mandate

To: (your bank)

Dear Sir

New Standing Order Mandate

My/Our Name: _______________________________________________
(to appear on the beneficiary’s statement)

My Account Number: _______________________________

My Sort Code: ______ – _______ – ______

Please set up a new standing order mandate from the above account to pay the following beneficiary:

Beneficiary: South Western Rottweiler Association (“SWRA”)

Beneficiary Sorting Code: 52-10-42

Beneficiary Account Number: 20109679

Amount: £10 OR £12 a YEAR (please delete as appropriate)

When paid: 01st January, every year

Due: Now, and on the 01st January in future years

Until: Until Further Notice
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully
Signature: _______________________________ _____________________

Date: _________________________________