Open Show 2019


Huge thanks to the Committee for their friendly and warm welcome and for their invitation to judge the SWRA breed open show.  A big thank you also to my 2 stewards for the day, great job!   Lovely entry so thank you to all the exhibitors for your support and it was lovely to have such a big ring in which to move you all.  Overall, the quality of the exhibits was very good and the puppies present were very pleasing.

Veteran Dog:  3 (2)

  1. Gibson Mrs T – CH Thorider Jimmy Dean Diester JW. A 7 year old male with a typical head and good skull shape.  Calm expression, correct ear set and dark well shaped eye; good proportion of muzzle.    Stood beautifully for his handler with a strong neck, good shoulder placement, straight front, very good top line.  Nice angles to front and rear.  Tail set was good and he presented in good condition.  Movement was sound and correct and he kept his top line the whole time.

Minor Puppy Dog:  3  (1)

  1. Gibson & Riley, Mrs T & Mrs A – Kash Lex Von Diester (IKC). Promising 8 month old with a lovely head, calm gaze, nice dark eye, good muzzle and nostrils and ears well set.  His chest has still to develop but he is well balanced and is nicely angulated with plenty of bone.  Up on his pasterns with good feet, his movement for his age was very steady showing reach and drive.  Please to award him BPD and later BPIS.
  2. Ezzard Mrs T – Jacraila Halfdan The Black to Kassasan. Well presented and at just 6 months old, a very happy boy in the ring.  Pleasing head and expression, good balance between skull and muzzle.  Dark almond eye, nice ear set and good dentition. With a nice lay of shoulder and good angles to front and rear he moved out well for his age.

Puppy Dog:  2 (1)

  1. Hargreaves Mrs C & Mr R – Kenaiteen Tullis Peak. A 10 month old with good proportions.  His typical head is still developing with a nice expression.  He has a dark eye, well set on ears and correct dentition.  He has good shoulder placement, good bone, a nice front though he needs to come up a little on his front feet.   Nicely angulated and once he settled he was sound when moving and I feel plenty to come with this young male.

Junior Dog:  1

  1. Hargreaves Mrs C & Mr R – Kenaiteen Tullis Peak. As above and he moved better this second time.

Yearling Dog:  3

  1. Watkins Mr T Mrs H – Minealea’s Busy Bee.  Close between 1 and 2 though different in type.  I just felt 1 was steadier on the move and retained his top line.  Presented in good condition he has a pleasing head and expression.  Dark eye, good muzzle and dentition.  With a good neck and shoulders, his front is straight with good angles to front and rear.  Well muscled he has nice feet, good markings and showed good steady movement which won him the class.
  2. James & Thompson Miss A & Mr S – Bamabel Ezekiel. 18 month old who was a little excited today.  Good size with typical head and good width between the ears.  Lovely dark eye, good proportion to muzzle and correct dentition.  Chest developing nicely, he was well angulated, well muscled with a good turn of stifle and nice feet.  He just moved a little too fast today hence his placing.
  3. Marker & Mahoney Mrs N & Ms N – Jaegerot Smooth Criminal

Post Graduate Dog:  3 (1)

  1. Case Mrs H – Auberon Tom Faggus ShCM. 2 years old and presented in very good condition.  He has a pleasing head and expression with a good ear carriage, dark eye and nice width to the muzzle.  Nicely marked, he is well balanced, has a clean neck and good shoulder placement.  He has depth of brisket, a good spring of rib, nice angles and is well muscled.  Nicely angulated to front and rear he moved out very well with good extension.  RBD
  2. Gibson & Riley Mrs T & Mrs A – Diesters Del’Anio. Loved the head to this 3 year old but his coat was out of condition and he didn’t quite settle.  Well defined stop, dark eye and good balance between skull and muzzle.   He is nicely proportioned and has a strong neck and good bone throughout.  Nice lay of shoulder, good topline and balanced angulation.  Good hind movement shown on the move.

Limit Dog:  4 (2)

  1. Lefebvre-King Miss M – Buttonlove My Dashing Lad. A 3 year old good sized male with a typical head and expression.  His eye is dark and dentition good.  Shoulders are nicely laid back, with a well arched neck and good forequarters.  Good top line and under line and nice turn of stifle.  Nice feet and coat good.  When moving he was steady and sound, showing good extension.
  2. James, Thompson & Purchase Miss A, Mr S & Miss D – Bamabel Gino. Almost 3 years of age, a well proportioned male with a distinctive head and expression.  Good stop, medium eye and good depth to muzzle.  Nicely angulated quarters and well muscled with a deep chest and good spring of rib.  He didn’t settle down on the move which was a shame.

Open Dog:  5 (1)

  1. Gibson Mrs T – CH Rottsworth Giorgio Diester. Really liked this boy who showed his socks off.  Super 7 year old substantial male with a broad skull, good stop and clean expressive head.  Dark eye, nice ear set and good balance between skull and muzzle. Well laid shoulders, strong quarters, good turn of stifle and nice feet.  Presented in super condition his coat gleamed.  His movement showed excellent reach and drive which won him the class and pleased to award him BD and
  2. Blagdon & White C & C – Botlierskop Baltic Amber. Very nice and well balanced head to this 3 year old male who presented well.  Correct ear set, nice dark almond eye, good width and depth to muzzle.  With a strong neck, good shoulder placement, broad chest, good front and deep brisket.  Well muscled quarters and good underline.  Showed good extension when moving.
  3. Iungano Mr P – Carsal Pepe at Pasgano
  4. Davison Mrs A – Hichelmer Kings

Veteran Bitch:  4 (2)

  1. Jones Mrs V – Westfalen’s Grand Design ShCM. A feminine 7 year old, loved her expression.  Very nice in profile with a pleasing head, dark eye, neat ears and muzzle in proportion.  With a strong neck, she has a deep chest, well sprung ribs and a nice turn of stifle.   Nicely angulated to front and rear, she moved out with purpose showing good extension.  Pleased to award her BVIS
  2. Tuttle Mrs J – Wolfbass Evita. Another very nice 7 year old with a clean expressive head and calm gaze. With a nice width of skull she has a dark eye, correct ear set and good width of muzzle.  Chest wide with a nice straight front, well balanced angles to the front and rear.  She also moved out well with a good stride.

Minor Puppy Bitch:  4   A lovely class of MPB who I will watch with interest.

  1. Gibson Mrs T – Diesters Harli Quin. Just 6 months old and what a lovely puppy.   Pretty feminine head that made you look at her, with ears correctly set, lovely dark eye, nice width of skull, good stop and correct dentition.  She presented a well balanced picture with good shoulder placement and correct front.  Good bone and a good stride for her age, she moved out well retaining her top line.  Pleased to award her
  2. Jones Mrs V – Olearia Western Girl from Westfalen. Another lovely puppy and I was splitting hairs between 1 and 2.  Pretty head with lovely expression.  Again a dark almond eye, good nostrils, well set ears.  Front assembly is well balanced with strong straight legs.  Well balanced angles and top line was good.  She moved out well with her handler.
  3. Lefebvre-King Miss M – Buttonlove a New Hope
  4. James & Thompson Miss A & Mr S – Orka Du Temple D’Adranos (IMP FRA)

Puppy Bitch:  3  (1)

  1. Dunn Mrs D & Mr M – Bevanray Ubetcha . 10 months old with a clean feminine head and very nice expression.  Has width of skull, good stop and muzzle of correct proportion.  Being compact she is nicely angled with a good front and chest which is developing.  Nice markings and she was presented in good condition moving soundly and steadily around the ring.  Pushed hard for BPB.
  2. Verran Miss R – Megalmar Cecelia .  Another very nice puppy approaching a year old.  Taller than 1 and longer cast but much to like with her clean markings.  Her head was of good proportions and I liked her expression.  Strong clean neck, well laid shoulders and good feet.  Moved out freely for her handler.

Junior Bitch:   1

  1. Crane Miss L – Starrosa Mocking Bird. Really liked this 14 month old.  With a pleasing well balanced and feminine head she is nicely put together and presented in good condition.  Good stop and muzzle, lovely dark eye, ears set well.  Lovely markings.  Clean neck and correctly placed shoulders, well angulated.  She naturally walked into place and moved out showing good extension.  Considered her for RBB.

Yearling Bitch: 4 (1)

  1. Vick Mr M & Mrs J – Ava Von Der Alten Festung at Vickangels (IMP HRV) JW. Lovely 17 month old bitch well presented with a good width of skull, dark almond shaped eyes, scissor bite and good proportion of muzzle.  Strong front and strong pasterns, good depth of brisket with balanced angulation.  Best mover in the class with good extension and showing drive.  Pleased to award her
  2. Broadbank Ms J – Bevanray Shirley. Another lovely bitch of good size with a lovely head, well defined stop, muzzle width good and a pleasing expression.  She has a good length of neck and balanced quarters.  A good chest with a level topline.  Solid straight front and well muscled rear.   Another who moved out well for her handler.
  3. Shayer Mr M – Bevanray Scoobie

Post Graduate Bitch:  4 (2)

  1. Lefebvre-King Miss M – Bamabel Narissa of Buttonlove. Just 2 years old with a pleasant head and expression.  Well set ears and correct dark eye.  She has a nice straight front and a good forechest with a good lay of shoulder and nice front feet.  With muscled rear quarters and a correct bend of stifle she moved out freely and soundly.
  2. Shayer Mr M – Bevanray Scoobie. Sweet expression for this 2 year old who was more settled in this class than the last. She has a very pleasing well balanced head which I liked, correct ear set, good nostrils and dentition.  Straight front and balanced in profile she needs to come up on her pasterns but she has a level top line and was sound in movement.

Limit Bitch:  6  (2)

  1. Crane Miss L – Cheroho Shining Star at Starrosa. Lovely bitch so nicely put together and presented in good and sound condition.  Nice width of skull, good stop and dark eye.  She is very balanced and feminine and not overdone.  Nice chest and strong straight legs to the front, strong top line and good under line.  Well sprung ribs, hindquarters well angulated.  On the move she showed purpose and an excellent reach of drive and I was pleased to award her BB and subsequently BIS.
  2. Ezzard & Allen, Ms T & VBD – Jodipas Paint it Black to Kassasan JW ShCM. Another sound and feminine bitch.  Good width between ears, dark eye and good dentition.  Good shoulder placement and well developed chest.  Deep in brisket with well balanced angulation.  She covered the ground well on moving.
  3. Lefebvre-King Miss M – Buttonlove Rumours of Pearl
  4. James & Thompson Miss A & Mr S – Shalkato Riff Raff at Bamabel

Open Bitch:  6 (2)

  1. Tuttle Mrs J – Falkors Wicked Secret. A 4 year old whose movement won her the class.  Typical head and nice calm expression.  With a well defined stop, nice dark eye, good cheeks and nostrils.  Nice lay of shoulder, straight front and nicely angulated quarters, level topline held on the move.   Presented well and moved out with ease covering the ground well.
  2. Watkins Mr T & Mrs H – Minealea’s Taylored for You. Just turned 5 but presented in good fit condition.  A pretty bitch with a pleasing head, calm gaze, nice dark eye and shape, ears are well set.  Good muzzle and dentition.  Strong neck and well placed shoulders.  Good front and chest, well balanced and nicely angulated.  She also moved out well for her handler.
  3. Brown & Carosin Mrs E, Mr A & Mrs S – Bamabel Adriana at Roseryn
  4. Shayer Mr M – Bevanray Scoobie

Judge:  Jane Tibbs (Zeleski)