Champ Show, Open Show and Obedience 2023

Champ Show

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BIS Laverko One Day More

RBIS Varenka Firestar For Marvelrott

BPIS Bamabel Fabolous

BVIS CH Salonga Let’s Get Wicked

South Western Rottweiler Club 21.10.23 – Bitch Critique

After a disastrous start to the evening many thanks to Bev Hucker for finding us a bed. Thanks to officers & committee for the appointment and the fabulous glass.

The temperaments as usual were superb, unfortunately the coats were not: dirty coats are NOT acceptable. Nor is unsporting behaviour. Very pleased with my CC , RCC, & BP. With the agreement with my co judge, Mr Billy Crawley , DOG BOB, Bitch RBB, Puppy Bitch BP.

VB (1) 1 Jacobs Ch Salonga Lets Get Wicked. Shown in excellent condition 8 years old thinking she was 3 made a lovely shape on the stand, good straight front with good forechest, nice crest of neck leading into good topline. Little erratic on the move but the floor did not help.   

PB (3,4) 1 James & Thompsons, Bamabel Fabulous, 8 mths old baby good body shape lovely clean shoulder straight front, pretty head with dark pigment and good mouth, little erratic coming and going but has time to strengthen but her side gait as super, lovely extension & drive for one so young, BP & BPIS. 2 Bryants/, Panelma Hedging My Bets, Chocolate box puppy beautiful head,darkest of eyes strong under jaw. Lovely shape with good top & underline, correct tail animated side gait, 6 mths old very much a baby needs a good few revs.

JB (8,6) 1 Dochertys, / Fantasa Daddys Girl, Good size bitch I’m told just over a phantom but there were no signs here, beautiful head dark eye good mouth & strong underjaw, excellent front & forechest good topline powerful hind quarters which she used on the move. RCC. 2 Rowarths Darkamar Winxs, 12 mths old a smaller type good head excellent pasterns & feet, straight front,the best pigment today side gait was good erratic fore & aft but the floor did not help.Unfortunately she left her jacket at home.

YB (2) 1 Allans Jodipas Valen Tine, Liked this bitch, lovely breed type but very immature, prettiest of heads good pigment cuts a good shape, a little upright in shoulder prefer more crest of neck. 2 Brawns, Gilcoru Catrin Ferch Of Javladare, Carrying a little too much weight not showing as I have seen her prettiest of heads not the type of floor for her.

PGB (3) 1 Jackson & Rogerson, Taneven Bliss, Really liked this bitch shown in superb condition, so well muscled with the tightest of feet & good pasterns good top & underlines, super spring of rib, most beautiful head with dark pigment, side gait covered the ground well unfortunately she was noticeably throwing the left rear hock/or she surely would have been a good contender. 2 Plimmers, Victorem My Funny Valentine, two nice bitches lovely shape good head 1 was better in the shoulder department so coped better with the floor.

LB (9,7) 1 Broadbanks Nysandor Never Say Never, 21/2 years old in excellent condition gleaming coat, this bitch had moments of brilliance. When she showed boy did she show, unfortunately she relaxed a little too much, feminine in head dark eyes and kind expression, good mouth tight ears good front strong feet & pasterns moved well. Quality bitch. 2 Haigh/Jaquery Rhyme & Reason, Larger old fashioned type bitch longer cast than 1, well ribbed lovely topline & tailset but tended to stand with her front legs under her self, but still had quality & style.

OB (5) 1 Coles & Brawns/ Varenka Firestar, Loved this bitch oozes quality as I would expect from this kennel, shown to perfection in excellent coat & condition, super breed type well ribbed correct top & underlines good tail steady coming & going super powerful side gait. 1 criticism feet could be better but on this floor very few were good. Pleased to award her her 1st CC I’m sure the others will come BCC & RBOB. 2 Jones & Monk, Westfalen Love By Design With Olearia, This bitch showed her socks off and was superbly handled, pretty head straight front would prefer better crest of neck, good top & underlines tail carried well, muscled hind quarters moved close In rear.

Champions Class (2) Admired both bitches from ringside both worthy Champions. 1 Rowarths Ch. Darkamar Selene, Shown in great condition good type nice front & forechest well sprung rib busy movement. 2 Richards Ch Hanbar Enigma At Ruiz, classic shape lovely toned body correct top & underline, pretty head needs to use her ears, well handled.

Sharon Lee (Nee Thompson)

The Dog Judge’s critique will be published here when available

Open Show

BIS CH Upmont Al Capone

RBIS CH Hanbar Enigma at Ruiz

BPIS Panelma Hedgeingmybet

BVIS Dortmund Dodging Bullets at Trevearl

21st October 2023

Thank you to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge your Club Open Show. Also thank you to those who entered and stayed after the Champ Show to allow me to judge your dogs, it really is

appreciated after such a long day.

VD (3, 2abs)

1st Borne’s Dortmund Dodging Bullets – Lovely sized male overall condition is good for his 10 ½ years. Pleasing head in proportion with medium ears set well, lovely dark eye and he has kept fill to cheek. Slightly shorter neck set on a balanced front with a nice upper arm. Good topline for his age blends onto well

balanced rear angles with a good tail set. Moved well with his handler around the large ring. I was more than happy to award him BVD and BVIS.

MPD (0, 1abs)

PD (1)

1st Allen & Steels Upend Edward – 10mth young male who looks to have had a growth spurt and was slightly leggy on the day. Head in proportion nice eyes and well-set ears, slightly steep in stop. Balanced within himself and used what he had on the move, just needs time to broaden, settle into himself and

mature. BPD BOSPIS JD (0, 2abs)

YD (1)

1st Clark’s Dortmund Dizzy Rascal – 22mths, lovely head, correct ear set and carriage, with a nice fill,

strength in muzzle, dark mouth, complimented with a dark eye. Firm top line, nice croup. Stands on lovely compact feet. In front I would like a little bit better lay of shoulder to enable him to have that bit more

reach on the move. Rear angles are good with nice development of thigh muscle. Markings are lovely with a good depth of colour. Presented in good condition.

PGD (3)

1st Cocks’ Jaqary Blaze of Glory – 19mth medium sized robust male with good bone. Lovely head, with nice fill, dark almond shaped eyes, correct carriage and size of ears which lay close to his well-developed cheek.

Well put together, good lay of shoulder, with a nice return where elbows are well let down, standing on strong compact feet, his upper thigh is muscular and broad and with a good bend of stifle, strength is

evident in his second thigh. Observing from behind hocks are strong. Moved extremely well in all directions, using his angles to cover the ground efficiently. RBD

2nd Kitchenside’s Jaegerot Dream Lover 3yr old, A nice male presented in lovely condition and rich tan markings. Head of correct proportions, ears of correct size and when used carried them correctly, a little round in eye. Firm topline, well developed rib cage, slightly long cast. Would benefit from a better lay of shoulder and upper arm as it causes him to be a tad wide when moving, however he has plenty of rear angulation.

3rd Eynott’s Jezeve Perfect Storm At Bohannons

LD (1, 0abs)

1st Byrne’s Maraj Moon 2 ½ yrs, a balanced male, head has a few folds to his cheek, but skull has moderate wrinkle, good eye shape and colour, medium ears carried well, muscular neck, stood straight in front onto lovely compact feet, overall condition is good, would like a darker tan, developed ribcage, good tail, a little rounded in top line, but moved sound in all directions.

OD (4, 2abs)

1st Bateson & Hoole’s CH Upmont Al Capone – 3 ½ yr male whom I have judged before, and now with

those extra months on his back, the added body has done him justice. He is my sort of male, stocky and

robust, and presented in good condition, with rich colour throughout. Good head piece, broad skull, correct ear, strong muzzle and a lovely eye. Muscular neck, onto a good front, to be picky I’d like a slightly better

lay of shoulder, but he has enough to enable him to move with good reach, straight in front and finished with nice tight feet. Like his depth of chest, and spring of rib, which has matured well, strong top line, which is held on the move. Well-developed hind quarters, where muscular development is easy to see, finished off with strength in hock. Enjoyed watching him use the big ring today, where he put on a good performance. BD and later BIS

2nd Trueman & Brownridge’s Steigen Nevada Mit Jaegerot 4 ½ yr male of good size. Lovely condition and rich in colour. Head is off good size and in keep with his overall size, medium ears carried well, with a

slightly round but dark eye, I’d like a little more fill to cheek. Nice length of neck, front is ok although a little long in upper arm, stands on good feet. Mature in overall body, depth and spring of rib is pleasing, plenty of rear angles.

VB (0)

MPB (4, 1abs)

1st Bryant’s Panelma Hedgeingmybet – At just 6mths, with good substance. She has a very attractive head with everything proportioned well at this point in time, I would like a darker eye, but this can deepen with

age. Front is developing well as is her chest, nice top line onto a good croup with good tail set and carriage.

Nicely balanced rear angles which allowed her to drive well on the move, where she also demonstrated good reach. For one so young she was sound, and was pleased to award her BPB and then later BPIS

2nd Coleman’s Botlierskop Goldne Ord For Tollelite 7 ½ mth taller and finer youngster than first. Smaller in head, but in keep with her overall body, good ear set and carriage, dark eye of good shape, quite well

balanced in front and rear, and with a nice top line she moves steady whilst holding her shape for one so young.

3rd James & Thompson’s Bamabel Fabolous PB (0)

JB (6, 2 abs)

1st Monk’s Olearia Queen Of Hearts -13mth a bitch that is very much together and well-conditioned throughout for her age, lovely attractive head with nice eyes, strength in muzzle, good width of skull

complimented with ears that are carried well to enhance her head. Medium length of neck onto a good lay of shoulder, would like a slightly better return of upper arm, good top line and for age she has a mature

body, strength in loin onto a nice croup and rear angles of correct proportions, where thickness of thigh can be seen and continues through to her second thing and hock. Stands on tight feet. Moved well in all


2nd Docherty & Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Daddy’s Girl – 16 mth compact bitch a slightly bit more substance

than first. Nice head with good proportions, but slightly steep in stop, she does benefit from a nice eye, and good ear set, with strength to muzzle. Carrying a few rolls over shoulders, better angles in rear than front, in profile top line is level but can bounce on the move, hopefully in time this will firm up. Good croup and nice tail set.

3rd Trowbridge’s Fantasa Delorean YB (1)

1st Allen’s Jodipas Valen Time (AI) JW – 18mth bitch of good bone and size, nice head with lovely dark almond shaped eyes, development to cheek, broad muzzle, good width to skull with moderate wrinkle, enhanced with ears that are of medium size and carried close to cheek. Good markings rich in colour, and

over all in good condition. Front is made up of a good upper arm but lay of shoulder could be a bit better. Topline is firming up, good tail set and carriage, rear angles are balanced with a good bend to stifle, and strong rear hocks. Sound on the move, driving well from behind.

PGB (2)

1st Plimmer’s Victorem My Funny Valentine – At nearly 2 yrs old Medium sized bitch with bone and

substance to match. Liked the strength in her head, lovely width of skull, enhanced with a good ear, slight wrinkle when attentive, dark eye, good fill to cheek, broad muzzle with lovely nose and large nostrils. In

profile her top line is very level and firm. I would prefer her to be a little bit longer in first thigh to allow her to drive through that bit more, but she does move well, this is me being picky. A nice balanced front gives her good reach, stands straight in front onto compact feet. Tail carriage could be better. Good markings with depth of tan, presented in great condition.

2nd Burnett’s Nakota Nanna – 2 ½ yr a finer bitch than first place, she is well balanced in front and rear angulation, so moves well keeping her shape, but lacked the reach and drive as 1st. Lovely level top line,

croup and tail set and carriage. She has a nice head, which is in keep with her overall body size, pleasing expression, where she uses her well-set ears correctly, and finished with a medium eye. Loved her rich tan markings. Well turned out.

LB (8, 2abs)

1st Plimmer’s Jaegerot Rockin Robin – 6yr mature bitch, of good size and bone. I liked the steady movement of this bitch, and I kept an eye on this in the challenge where she pushed hard for top honours. A pleasing head, broad skull with moderate wrinkle finished with good ears carried well and held close to cheek, nice fill to cheek, broad and strength to muzzle, neck is muscular, and blends well onto a good lay of shoulder,

and with her upper arm being of correct length and angle, the return to elbow is good, this enables her to reach well on the move. Body is broad and deep, with a good undercarriage, rear angles match her front,

but she doesn’t always show what she has on the stand, but it is on the move that this is observed. Finished with correct feet, and strength in hock.

2nd Broadbank’s Nyander Never Say Die – 2 ½ yr another nice bitch of similar size to first. Head is in correct size and proportion to her body, not quite the expression of first, muscular neck of medium length onto we well put together front, nice angle to pastern, good angles to rear, but a little more rounded in croup which spoils her top line, particularly on the move. Moved sound in all directions, presented in super condition with rich markings.

OB (5, 1 abs)

1st Richards’ CH Hanbar Enigma At Ruiz – 3 yr bitch, a nicely balanced bitch who presents a good picture in profile, where her overall construction and balance can be seen. Head is proportioned correctly with

enough expression, ears a little on the larger side, strength to muzzle and finished with a dark eye. Muscular neck, onto a well put together front, blends so well onto a firm top line, which is held firm at all times,

strength in loin, with a lovely undercarriage. Croup is good, her first thigh well developed with evident muscle, with a good bend to stifle and second though also showing strength. Strength also can be seen in her hocks. Movement is so sound, and effortless, definitely one that could work all day. Pleased to award her BB and RBIS

2nd Jones and Monk’s Westfalen Love By Design With Olearia – Just over 2yr old, smaller bitch than first, but one that catches your eye. Really liked her expression, a lovely feminine head, correct eye shape and colour, medium well-set ears which enhances her expression, broad muzzle, with a correct stop and nice fill to

cheek. Pleasing front, but would benefit from a better return of upper arm, to give that extra reach on the move. Standing on good feet. A good firm top line, and good undercarriage, with strength in loin, onto a well moulded croup, ample rear angulation, which gave her good drive. Good condition and correct markings. She showed well in the challenge when called back in and was awarded RBB

3rd Broadbank’s Bevanray Shirley At Nyandor

Judge: Danielle Maltas (Virlees)



Saturday 21st October 2023

Judge: Kathryn Jo Neal

Steward: Madge Thompson

Thank you for the invitation to judge at your show, what a fabulous venue you have. We were very well looked after, with a lovely big ring. It’s a shame that the entries were very low leading to the possibility that there won’t be any Obedience classes next year.

Thanks to Madge Thompson for giving up her day to steward for me and Gillian Trevett for your sponsorship. I really didn’t know what to expect but once we sorted out the classes to be in line with the KC Rules & Regs we were up and running with some very impressive dogs that were happy, responsive, and well trained.

If any of the dogs that graced our ring today ever wanted to venture into obedience (the dark side) they would be very welcome and I’m sure do well.

Special Pre-Beginners (Introductory) 3 entries

1st FANTASA JUSTE VOITURE NOIRE – Kept a lovely position in heal work, attention drifted at times and a messy halt were the only faults today. The recall was lovely and fast with only slightly crocked present and finish. Congratulations. I hope the rest of your day was as successful.

2nd BEVANRAY SHIRLEY AT NYANDOR- A very tight lead today could of cost you the win. A lovely round nice with straight sits, good position, and a willing happy girl. Recall- a good solid stay, but she was distracted and had to stop for a sniff. Well done.

3rd JEZEVE PERFECT STORM AT BOHANNONS – Good attention using a toy which he really responded well to. Timing on your sits needs to be quicker to get them straight but he has it all going for him. Well done, a nice round that you should be happy with.

Special Beginners (Beginners) 3 entries

1st VICTOREM MY FUNNY VALENTINE- A tight lead cost you a few points but over all you were able to carry this as Brook did you proud today. Brook overturns on the finishes but that’s just her trying extra hard to be right. A good solid wait on both recall and retrieve. Congratulations on a lovely round.

2nd NAKOTA NANNA- (Oh I’m not allowed favorites but!) Heel work was some of the best today, good consistent position, nice loose lead, you had it in the bag, then we had to retrieve, say no more (we decided to blame mum for not training you this exercise). A joy to judge. Well done.

3rd BOTLIERSKOP GOLDEN ORB FOR TOLLELITE – Entered by mistake but decided to have a credible go at some of the heel work. Well Done.

Special Novice (Novice) 4 entries

1st LAVERKO DEFYING GRAVITY- A super little girl that gave her mum her very best, Hester had great attention only losing attention on the about turns, well handled but mum needs to walk in a straight line. A clear Recall and Retrieve finished a lovely round. Congratulations well done.

2nd LAVERKO ONE DAY MORE- The best heel on lead of the day. Mork lost attention in heel free and a messy present and finish in Retrieve are what cost you today, a lovely fast, straight Recall left nothing to mark. Well done.

3rd NAKOTA NANNA – This girl has a great attitude to her work; she has style and accuracy two of the most sort after qualities in obedience. Retrieve once again costing you. Well done.

4th JAEGEROT ROCKIN ROBIN – A tight lead in heel on lead was costly, but heel free showed her true colors as she didn’t need the lead to produce some lovely stretches of heelwork. The recall was almost perfect, just a slightly wide finish. Then! Well Millie, when a girl has got to go, she has got to go.

Thank you to all my competitors for making it a lovely enjoyable day, keep up with the obedience and as I say you are all welcome to come over to the dark side whenever you want a change.