Open Show 2016

Sunday 10th April 2016



  • Breed Judge (Dogs and Bitches): David Lambert (Seittor)
  • Obedience Judge: Ms Helen Fishlock

Date for your diary:

Sunday 09th April 2017

(same venue as 2016: The Park, The Local Opportuinity Centre, Daventry Road, Knowle, Bristol   BS4 1DQ)

Breed Judge’s Critiques 

A big thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge, to the exhibitors for their entry and my stewards for doing a great job of keeping the ring running smoothly.



1st        Dortmund Great Expectations – Coming up to 9 months and a lovely sized pup with great bone and substance, very nice head with dark eye giving a lovey expression. Level top line which he held on the move, moved steadily around the ring, was please to award him BPD + RBPIS

2nd        Sundrifters Nite Watch – A little plainer in head that first but still a handsome pup, lovely tan markings that are a beautiful colour, held his top line on the move and like first, he was a very steady mover

PD No Entries


1st        Dortmund Double O’ Seven at Beiderbecks – This dog caught my eye as he entered the ring and I was not disappointed when going over him. Beautiful classic Rottweiler head, in fact the best head of the day, with correct dark eye giving a gorgeous expression, correct front and rear angles and lovely tight feet, correct open side gait which is a joy to watch, he must have a very bright future. RBIS

2nd        Pureaz Bob Marley – Another young dog with a nice head, medium eye colour giving desired expression. Well held top line and although he moved well he couldn’t match 1st place

ND No Entries


1st        Majestic Spencer at Jetsball – Pleasing head but slightly light eye, correct bite, strong neck into level top line, he lacked a bit of substance and would benefit from better angulation, however he put everything into his movement and was at one with his handler


1st        Pendley Ivanhoe – A lovely young dog with a very nice head just spoilt a little by having a lighter than desirable eye colour, strong neck into level top line, held on the move, very sound male that can set himself up and showed beautifully, he was in my final consideration for BD but couldn’t match the movement of the winners.

LD Absent


1st        Wolfbass Elvis at Annmar – Excellent size male with lots of bone and substance, rich tan and very nicely marked. He had a pleasing head with a dark eye giving a lovely expression. Very strong neck flowing into his high withers. He clinched BD and BIS on his superb open side gait, he is an effortless moving dog and a pleasure to watch

2nd        Tiesto One Direction – Smaller than 1st but a very nicely proportioned dog who loves to show himself off, nice head with correct eye giving a very pleasing expression. Kept his level top line as he powered around the ring but just could not match 1st‘s  reach and drive

VD No Entries



1st        Beiderbecks Moneypenny – A very pretty baby with a lovely head although I would prefer a slightly darker eye, excellent clean neck which flowed into her withers, a very happy excitable young lady who enjoyed herself lots, she did eventually settle enough for me to see her lovely movement and I was please to award her BPB & BPIS

2nd        Wolfbass She’s Jazztastic – A larger pup than 1st and with a very clean outline, beautiful dark eye and a very famine head. level top line held on the move, another happy puppy who enjoyed her day out


1st        Montelago Dakota Days of Nakota – 11 months old very pretty bitch with a lovely strong head, dark eye giving a nice expression, she held her lovely top line on the move but I was unable to assess her any further as she kept pacing which was a shame as she has lots to like


1st        Falkor’s Wicked Secret – Young bitch with a pretty head and beautiful dark eye giving a lovely expression. Very nice outline with a correct top line which she held on the move


1st        Gregorstan Genevieve TAF – A very pretty headed bitch who when settled had a very appealing outline, lovely clean shoulders and a level top line that she held on the move, a little unsettled today but a very nice bitch who just needs more time

2nd        Montelago Dakota Days of Nakota


1st        Cheroot Shining Star – 2 1/2 year old bitch who had a really lovely head and a correct dark eye, lovely clean shoulders into a strong love top line, beautiful rich tan markings. She moved very well around the ring, was pleased to award her BB


1st        Minaelea Taylored for You – Very powerfully built young bitch with a strong head, strong neck into clean shoulders leading to a level top line which was held at all times. True coming and going and a correctly set and carried tail, in my consideration for BB but in the challenge I would have liked to see her move with a little move enthusiasm

2nd        Dortmund Heatwave for Cheroho – A little plainer in head that 1st place but has lovely dark eyes with a very nice expression. Correct tan markings and a lovely top line, I would prefer her a little shorter coupled but she moved well


1st        Bamabel Adriana at Roseryn – A nice substance bitch with a very clean outline, pretty feminine head, correct dark eye giving desired expression. Held her lovely top line on the move and she moved with reach and drive, pushed hard for BB, pleased to award her RBB

2nd        Upend Yasmine at Desalinnah – A very nice bitch with a lovely head and expression, top line was held on the move but unfortunately she was dropping it on the stand spoiling her outline, correct coat and markings


1st        Westfalen’s Miracle Design at Desalinnah – 4 year old bitch with a very nice outline, lovely head with correct eye and expression, very clean shoulders and held her top line and shape on the move, another nice mover that I considered for BB but today she could not match the winners

2nd        Sundrifters Tiffany Aching – 5 year old bitch who is well off for size and bore, a very pretty feminine head just spoilt by her ears, lovely markings and correct coat, held her top line on the move


It was lovely to see these 2 girls enjoying themselves, both a credit to their owners and I wish I had two 1st places.

1st        Poncheens Mythical Vixen – A bitch who can still show the youngsters a thing or two when it comes to moving, very pretty feminine head with a gorgeous expression, correct top line which she held as she powered around the ring. Pleased to award her BVIS

2nd        Thunderhead Heaven Sent – Very similar comments was 1st, she has a beautiful head with a lovely expression and a fab outline when stood, fantastic top line held on the move, correct coat and markings, lots of bone and substance, a really nice bitch.

Dave Lambert – Seittor

Limited Obedience Results

Special Pre-Beginners (Dog & Bitch)

1st           Falkors Wicked Secret

2nd          Wolfbass Evita

3rd           Majestic Spencer at Jetsball

4th           Thunderhead Angel Heart

5th           Sundrifters Ipslore the Red

Special Beginners (Dog & Bitch)

1st           Pendley Ivanhoe

2nd          Brodecs Magic Dancer

3rd           Falkors Wicked Secret

4th           Cheroho Shining Star

5th           Majestic Spencer at Jetsball

Special Novice (Dog & Bitch)

1st           Thunderhead Heaven Sent

2nd          Brodecs Magic Dancer

Date for your Diary:

Sunday 09th April 2017

(same venue)


  • Breed Judge (Dogs and Bitches): Wendy Topping (Rottsworth)
  • Obedience Judge: Frank Crane

 Please contact the Membership Secretary for details of how to enter:

Vicky Clapp:

Or the Club Secretary:

Nickie Longden: 76a Hudds Vale Road, St George, BRISTOL BS5 7HN (01179) 024677

Schedules are available On Line (through Fosse Data) or please request a paper entry form