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The South Western Rottweiler Association (SWRA) is a Club dedicated to showing, living with and loving Rotties. Securing their health and happiness as well as their procurement and prodigy is our aim.

We hold two shows a year – both on the same day – our Championship Show in the morning and our Open Show with Limited Obedience in the afternoon. They are usually held on the third Saturday in October. Everyone is welcome to come along, both members and non-members, existing Rottie owners and potential Rottie owners.

Please have a look at all the pages in this website and at our Face Book page.  If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact someone on the Committee.



Mr Ian Holloway


The Late Mrs Meg Purnell-Carpenter

Vice Presidents

Mr S Wilberg, Mrs K Wilberg, Mr M Smith

Hon. Life Members

Mr J Hubble                                 Mrs S Hubble                     Mrs J Moran-Potter


 Jai Vick

Vice Chairman

Bev Hucker

Honorary Secretary

Caz Turner



8 Cross Park

South Zeal


01837 840566 / 07790 865594

Show Secretary

Caz Turner


Nicola Marker

Breed Council Representative

Bev Hucker

Committee Members

Clare Smith      Paul Smith


The Committee of The South Western Rottweiler Association sincerely thanks members and supporters of our breed who have kindly allowed us to use their photographs.  However, we regret we are unable to acknowledge each individual photograph.

We also thank The Rottweiler Club for allowing us use a lot of their material. The Rottweiler Club is the oldest Rottweiler Club in the Country and they have been extremely helpful during our website re-design process. It is very difficult to “re-invent the wheel” when the wheel is already really good!

We would like to pass our sincere sympathies to the family of Meg Purnell-Carpenter on her sad passing in April 2023.  Meg was our President for many, many years and she will be missed by everyone who knew her.