Championship Show 2021

Single Breed Championship Show

Saturday 23rd October 2021

Venue: Glenda Spooner Farm, Brincil Hill, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7LA

Dog Judge: Wendy Hillier

Bitch Judge: Wendy Tate

Referee: Debbie Stansbury


Thank you to the hard working committee of the SWRA for inviting me to judge the males at their 2021 Championship show.

Veteran Dog 3 (3)
1st Lunganos’s  Carsal Pepe at Pasgano. An impressive young seven and half year old, good masculine head, correct ear set and dark eye, correct dentition and an excellent dark mouth. Nice straight front with great compact feet, moved well around the ring with ease.
2nd Egerton’s Cassarla Opus Maxamus. Nicely compact male good firm topline, straight front, powerful strong dry head and neat ears, moved well not showing his age at all.

3rd Powell’s Juffther A New Hope for Riverstock

Minor puppy Dog 4(3)
1st Miller’s Ausries Moscow Mule. Just a baby at 6 mths super outline, very eye catching, lovely head and expression, good angulation front and rear, correct coat, covered the ground well for one so young . Best Puppy Dog
2nd Window’s Hanbar Frankel. 7 mth youngster lovely expression with good almond eye, good reach of neck, level topline, good rear angulation, moved well.
3rd Ward’s Warrimead Fletcher

Puppy Dog 2(1)
1st Morgan’s Almaz Quantum Auri. Standing alone but still worthy of his place, Substantial 1yr old good straight front with nice compact feet,  clean dry head, good shoulder placement, level topline, good rear angulation moved well.

Junior Dog 6(3)
1st Bateson & Hoole’s Upmont Al Capone. Beautifully balanced, substantially well off for bone, lovely head and expression, dark eye, strong reach of neck, good topline, sound movement with plenty of drive.
2nd Appleyard Jantavia Fleetwood Mac. Larger male, well balanced, good head, neat ears, strong clean shoulders, strong topline, moved well.
3rd Kichenside’s Jagerot Dream lover

Yearling Dog 1(1)
1st Tuttle’s Laverko One Day More. Large substantial male with a strong dry head, great dark eyes, nice straight front with correct tight compact feet, lovely rich clear colouring, clean shoulders, moved very well and carried his tail perfectly.

Post Grad Dog 9(7)
1st Miller’s Bereyda Firestorm. A great male really eye catching, nice compact size with good top and under lines, correct strong head and good bite, best feet I’ve seen all day, good front and rear movement.
2nd Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Bravo Blitz. Nice sized male with plenty of bone and substance, strong masculine head with great expression, correct coat and markings, clean over the shoulders and when settled he moved well.
3rd Lockyer & Robinson’s Guardami Kingsman

Limit Dog 10(8)
1st Welsh’s Rottsworth Jaguar Via Dyrockbrook. Not a big dog but well balanced with all the correct proportions, Lovely head and expression, dark eye, clean shoulder with good front angulation, great rich colour and correct coat, moved very well.
2nd Window’s Hanbar Blitzer. Slightly larger male, clean masculine head, neat well placed ears, strong neck and shoulders, nice firm topline, well muscled rear angulation and moved well.
3rd Lee’s Fantasa Curve Ball

Open Dog 6(6)
1st Mulhall’s Devil Haus of Lazic (IMP SRB). Compact little power house catching my eye as soon as he entered the ring, darkest of mouths, correct teeth, good strong head, clean lines all over, top and underlines, moved out with so much drive around the ring, very impressive.
2nd Gibson’s Int/Multi CH Tebra Wizard Montenegro Rott Diester ( IMP MNE). Super dog in all areas, on his toes the whole time, strong dry head not overdone, good front feet and topline, sound mover.
3rd Dunhill – Hall’s Tesla Earl Antonius

Ch Dog 4(4)
1st Dunhill –Hall’s Rus CH Ugo Vom Haus Helen Fantasia ( IMP RUS) Well… this dog took my breath away as soon as I saw him, Such a classy dog, oozes type and quality, balanced throughout, excellent head and expression, good reach of neck, firm topline movement was a joy to watch and had no hesitation on awarding him the Dog CC
2nd James & Thompson’s CH Bamabel Ezekiel. Another male which showed his heart out today, so enjoyed being showed, clean masculine head, nicely balanced throughout, good shoulder placement, straight front, good feet, movement was a joy to watch as he covered the ground well with great reach and drive, handled well. Res Dog CC
3rd Read CH Hendrix Van Brixenburg (IMP NED )

Judge: Wendy Hillier


I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge their Championship show: everything went off splendidly considering there were 2 shows in one day! I would like to also thank both of my stewards who did a splendid job on the day. Also to all the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to go over their lovely dogs.

Once again, I struggled to find dogs of the correct proportions of nine to ten. Breeders really do need to look at this in their breeding programs as we are losing this so much in our breed. When you look at a Rottweiler they should be almost square – not rectangle as so many of them are unfortunately.

Temperaments were excellent on the day which of course is always a huge bonus. Head types differ so much from each animal and I think this is probably due to people using a lot of European bloodlines unlike years ago when kennels did a lot of line breeding. You could always see which dogs were from which kennel unlike now. I do understand that kennels do need to go out sometimes due to lack of suitable stud dogs here but as long as we try and keep to within the breed standard there shouldn’t be a problem.

I was really pleased with my main winners and quite often I had to make some very difficult decisions in my placings.

VB (5 entries: 4 absent)
1st        Robinson’s Ch Guardami Guarding Tess at Tazmanic
Lovely 8 yr old girl of medium size who can still show the youngsters how to move. Her side gait movement is excellent with correct reach and drive holding her shape. Correct level top and underline with a good tail. She has a clean outline without any rolls or exaggeration. Feminine head with medium eye and calm expression. Medium sized ears carried correctly. Pigment is mottled with correct dentition. Her overall condition is excellent and is a credit to her owners.

MPB (3:0)
1st        Austen’s Ausries  Mojito
6 month old puppy of excellent type with sufficient bone and substance for a youngster. Very pretty head with correct proportions. Dark almond shaped eyes, medium ears carried correctly.  Correct dentition with good mouth pigment. She has a lovely calm expression. Correct length of neck leading to clean withers and good topline although she can go a little bum high on the move but I’m sure this will improve with age. She moved well with a good tail. Shown in excellent condition and handled well.  Best Puppy
2nd        Burnett’s Nakota Nanna
8 1/2 month old this puppy was a lot lighter in bone than my first puppy and needs more time to develop. She has a strong but feminine head with a dark eye and an expressive expression. Medium size ears carried close to her cheek. Her feet were rather open toed. Her movement was adequate for her age with a good tail.

PB (2:0)

1st        James & Thompson’s Bamabel Razamataz
9 months old strong but feminine bitch with excellent bone and substance. A very attractive puppy with a strong head medium eye slightly round, ears of correct size carried well and close to her cheek. Correct dentition with dark mouth pigment. Correct length of neck leading to good strong topline and good spring of rib. Well angled fore and aft with correct harsh coat. Moved well but not quite as together as my best puppy but I’m sure they could change places on a different day. Good tail. A very promising puppy.
2nd        Lilley’s Apocalypto Felicia
Very substantial puppy with excellent bone and good feet. Balanced puppy but was rather unsettled on the move so was a little hard to assess, she moved ok holding her topline well. Her front was a little 10 to 2 at the moment but hopefully could strengthen with age. She has an attractive head with a dark slightly round eye. Medium sized ears carried well.

JB (2:0)
1st        Chaffe’s Rougeau Simply Just Valerie
17th months medium/large bitch with rich mahogany markings. Strong but feminine head with a good stop and a little wrinkle on upper skull.  Dark eyes but slightly round. Medium/Large ears which were carried correctly, large nostrils with correct fill on her muzzle.  Full dentition and dark pigment.  Strong bone and good substance. Correct length of neck leading to good topline and correct tail set which was carried well. She moved well in side gait but was a little wide when going away.
2nd        Richards’s Hanbar Enigma at Ruiz
15 months lighter framed female in excellent condition. Attractive head but lacked a little fill under her eyes. Large ears which were held away from her cheeks.   Dark mouth pigment and correct dentition. Lovely shape in profile, very clean over the withers and correct strong topline which she held well on the move. Good forechest and correct rear angulation. Correct coat and good markings with good feet.   

YB (4:1)
1st        Mulhall’s Troya of the Little Godfather (Imp Hrv) NAF
This bitch excels in head qualities with a dark almond shaped eye and large ears carried correctly. Correct full dentition and dark mouth pigment. Good stop and large nostrils clean in upper skull. Excellent bone with rich markings and good feet. Correct conformation but a little long in loin. Excellent moving bitch with good reach and drive but dips behind the withers which for me spoiled her outline. Good tail set and carriage and handled well.
2nd        Tuttle’s Laverko Defying Gravity
21 months old medium/large sized bitch with plenty of bone and substance.  Good harsh jacket and clear markings. Slightly longer cast than I generally like. Strong head but feminine with a medium eye, mottled mouth pigment and good dentition. Small ears carried correctly. Moved well holding her shape with correct tail carriage. Shown in lovely condition and handled well.

PG (9:4)
1st        Wilson’s Gracezheim The Lioness
Small/medium sized female with correct proportions for size. Good bone and substance with a lovely clean outline. Slight tuck up due to shorter rib cage. Very feminine head with a calm expression.   Good harsh coat of correct length. Medium eye of correct almond shape. Medium ears carried well. Well angled fore and aft which she uses on the move and holds her shape well with a good tail.
2nd        Topham & Maltas’ Wildheart Athena at Virlees JW
Larger bitch than my first   Shown in excellent condition and well muscled.  She’s got a good length of neck leading to strong level topline.  Good front and rear with a correct spring of rib. Strong head with a little too much wrinkle on the skull. Dark almond eyes and correct ear placement. Very happy and alert expression. Good bone and substance and good colour. She moved with ease around the ring holding her topline with correct tail set.

LB (6:1)
1st        Davis’s Bearwithme Jenny Wren
Medium/large size compact bitch. Good old fashioned type of Rottweiler is what i had in my notes. Good spring of rib with good bone and substance. Very balanced and clean outline with strong top and underline. Good angles fore and aft which she used on the move. Good tight feet. Lovely feminine expression with dark brown almond shaped eyes medium size ears carried close to the cheek. Correct dark mouth pigment. Good stop and clean upper skull. She moved well round the ring with a good tail.
2nd        Jones’s Olearia Western Girl from Westfalen
Good stuff comes in small packages and this bitch never disappoints me. She was just a little unsettled today which cost her the first placing. She’s so well put together with such a pretty head. Dark brown, almond shaped eyes, medium sized ears carried close the cheek, correct dentition with good stop and clean upper skull. Very balanced with correct front and rear angles good length of neck leading to strong topline which she held well on the move. Good tail carriage

OB (5:1)
1st        Barnes’s Gyrima Ordri
Medium/Large compact bitch of excellent type short coupled with excellent bone and substance. Good angles front and rear. Strong neck leading to good strong topline. Clean outline with correct underline. This bitch has a classic head with lovely dark almond eyes good stop and strong upper skull which is as clean as a whistle. Good fill on the cheeks and smaller ears than i would like. Lovely kind expression when she uses her ears. She moves well holding her shape on the move with a correct tail carriage.
2nd        Broadbank’s Bevanray Shirley at Nyandor
Large bitch of lovely type excels in head with a beautiful expression although I would prefer a little less wrinkle on her skull. Small dark almond shaped eyes. Medium ears carried correctly. Rather deep in brisket with a short rib cage which can give her a little too much tuck up. Excellent bone and substance with good coat and colour. She moves well with good reach and drive holding her shape well on the move and covering the ground effortlessly.

CH B (3:0)
1st        Mulhall’s Ch Mimi Earl Antonio’s (Imp SRB)
Medium sized compact bitch of excellent type with good bone and substance. Excellent front and rear angulation. Powerful neck of good length leading to strong topline. Good coat and markings with tight feet. Strong but feminine head of correct proportions. Good stop and well developed cheek and large nostrils. Dark eyes but a little round in shape. Large ears carried close to the cheek. Very enthusiastic on the move she powers around the ring with plenty of reach and drive. Correct tail set. BITCH CC & Best in Show
2ND       Ward’s Warrimead Kustom Made
She was very unlucky to meet my first place bitch although totally different types she just oozes quality.  Medium size and slightly longer cast. She is so clean in outline with excellent conformation. Shown in excellent condition with a head to die for. Dark almond shaped eyes with a beautiful tranquil gaze. Correct ear placement carried correctly.   Slightly mottled pigment with correct dentition. Good front and rear angulation and strong level top and underlines. Good coat and excellent markings with strong bone and good substance. She moved well covering the ground adequately. BITCH RCC

Judge: Wendy Steel