Rottweiler and General Championship Show dates and Judges 2018

Championship Judges for 2018


Name of Show Date Judge
Boston 04.01.18 Ms J Thomson
Manchester 20.01.18 Mr Chris Thomas
Crufts 08.03.18 Mrs D J Hoy
South Western Rottweiler Association OPEN 25.03.18 Breed: Bev Hucker

Obedience: Loraine O’Neill

Midland Rottweiler Club 30.03.18 Dogs: Joanne Johnson

Bitches: John MacKenzie

The Rottweiler Club 07.04.18 Dogs:  Terry Munro

Bitches:  Stuart Thompson

W&P Breeds of Wales 21.04.18 Marie Monk
Rottweiler Club of Wales 22.04.18 Dogs: Dr R James

Bitches: Mr R Searle

WELKS 28.04.18 Brian Hindley
The National 13.05.18 John Purnell
Scottish Kennel Club 18.05.18 Richard Chaffe
Scottish Rottweiler Club 19.05.18 Dogs: Liz Dunhill

Bitches: Joanne Johnson

Bath 27.05.18 Mrs C Friend-Rees
Southern Counties 02.06.18 Dr Annukka Paloheimo
Three Counties 07.06.18 Peter Jolley
Border Union 16.06.18 Alastair Bailey
Blackpool 24.06.18 Mr K A Nathan
Windsor 30.06.18 Mrs K Brawn
East of England 08.07.18 Mrs N Keenan
NW&PB 14.07.18 Mr J T Smith
British Rottweiler Association 21.07.18 Norma Window
Leeds 29.07.18 Mr E Paterson
LASER 04.08.18 Dogs: Peter Rademacher

Bitches: Not yet announced

Eastern Counties 05.08.18 Dogs:  Mrs I Feely

Bitches: Mrs L Ledger

Paignton 06.08.18 Mr J Watson
Bournemouth 13.08.18 Heather Watkins
Welsh Kennel Club 18.08.18 Mrs G C Chapman
Scottish Kennel Club 26.08.18 Mr G Lewthwaite
City of Birmingham 01.09.18 Mr T Simmons
Richmond 08.09.18 Not yet announced
Darlington 15.09.18 Mrs I Rushfirth
Driffield 20.09.18 Ruth Linsley
Belfast 30.09.18 Not yet announced
Northern Ireland Rottweiler Club 29.09.18 Not yet announced
South Wales KA 05.10.18 Andrea Maltas
South Western Rottweiler Association Championship 21.10.18 Dogs: Jenny Banham

Bitches: Marie Ward

Midland Counties 27.10.18 Not yet announced
W&PB of Scotland 03.11.18 Maggie Bryant
LKA 15.12.18 Sally Benstead