Rottweiler and General Championship Show dates and Judges 2018

Championship Judges for 2018


Name of Show Date Judge
Boston 04.01.18 Ms J Thomson
Manchester 20.01.18 Mr Chris Thomas
Crufts 08.03.18 Mrs D J Hoy
South Western Rottweiler Association OPEN 25.03.18 Breed: Bev Hucker

Obedience: Loraine O’Neill

Midland Rottweiler Club 30.03.18 Dogs: Joanne Johnson

Bitches: John MacKenzie

The Rottweiler Club 07.04.18 Dogs:  Terry Munro

Bitches:  Stuart Thompson

W&P Breeds of Wales 21.04.18 Marie Monk
Rottweiler Club of Wales 22.04.18 Dogs: Dr R James

Bitches: Mr R Searle

WELKS 28.04.18 Brian Hindley
The National 13.05.18 John Purnell
Scottish Kennel Club 18.05.18 Richard Chaffe
Scottish Rottweiler Club 19.05.18 Dogs: Liz Dunhill

Bitches: Joanne Johnson

Bath 27.05.18 Mrs C Friend-Rees
Southern Counties 02.06.18 Dr Annukka Paloheimo
Three Counties 07.06.18 Peter Jolley
Border Union 16.06.18 Alastair Bailey
Blackpool 24.06.18 Mr K A Nathan
Windsor 30.06.18 Mrs K Brawn
East of England 08.07.18 Mrs N Keenan
NW&PB 14.07.18 Mr J T Smith
British Rottweiler Association 21.07.18 Norma Window
Leeds 29.07.18 Mr E Paterson
LASER 04.08.18 Dogs: Peter Rademacher

Bitches: June Wall

Eastern Counties 05.08.18 Dogs:  Mrs I Feely

Bitches: Mrs L Ledger

Paignton 06.08.18 Mr J Watson
Bournemouth 13.08.18 Heather Watkins
Welsh Kennel Club 18.08.18 Mrs G C Chapman
Scottish Kennel Club 26.08.18 Mr G Lewthwaite
City of Birmingham 01.09.18 Mr T Simmons
Richmond 08.09.18 Wendy Hillier
Darlington 15.09.18 Mrs I Rushfirth
Driffield 20.09.18 Ruth Linsley
Belfast 30.09.18 Mrs M Harris
Northern Ireland Rottweiler Club 29.09.18 Mr Arne Foss
South Wales KA 05.10.18 Andrea Maltas
South Western Rottweiler Association Championship 21.10.18 Dogs: Jenny Banham

Bitches: Marie Ward

Midland Counties (* no CCs) 27.10.18 Louise Cox
W&PB of Scotland 03.11.18 Maggie Bryant
LKA 15.12.18 Sally Benstead